Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Air conditioning has transformed the world the last 100 years. A defining technology of mechanical cooling has launched new forms of architecture and altered the way we choose to live, work and play.

From glass high rises, custom homes, suburban tract homes, indoor entertainment and high tech manufactures, have all been influenced and might not even exist without the invention of air conditioning. The technology of “engineered air” has changed our relationship with the environment itself by creating indoor artificial climates.

This then takes the geographic differences environmentally insignificant. Mechanical cooling turned summertime attendance at movies, plays, sporting events and concerts into a public habit.

Today, the goal mechanical engineers set for themselves a century ago to create “manmade weather” has been successfully achieved. Our engineers have a commitment to continue using this great technology and taking it to the next level for all of our customers.We look forward to servicing our customer’s mechanical engineering needs and desires for any and all applications. Our staff and team of mechanical engineers have over 100 years of experience between them in the air conditioning, heating and ventilating fields

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