Most Common Central Heating Problems & Ways to Fix Them

With increased usage, central heating systems and boilers will eventually show signs of wear and tear. It is best to get maintenance so you can prevent these issues from occurring as much as possible.

After remaining dormant, your central heating system might not operate as it should after being unattended for several months. That is why it is often a good idea to turn on your heating system during late autumn to see if it functions as it should. If you find any issues, call our heating service experts in Los Angeles for a quick inspection.

Here Are The Most Common Central Heating Problems And Ways To Fix Them:

  • Cold And Hot Radiators: Radiators that are hot and cold can occasionally be found on various floors. It is probably a sign that something restricts the water’s ability to flow through the system. The hot and cold radiators must both be verified. Make sure the valves on the cold ones are open or open them even further if necessary.
    If the upstairs radiators are cold, the issue can be low boiler pressure. You might need to add more water to the system to restore normal pressure. If the downstairs radiators are cold, a broken pump can be blamed. The majority of people cannot resolve this on their own. In this case, contact us for  heating installation in Los Angeles for professional assistance.

  • No Or Less Heat: Your central heating system may occasionally experience a condition when it stops producing heat. Before you seek assistance from our expert, consider a couple of straightforward options. Check to see if your central heating system is on first. In some circumstances, a fuse may have blown, and replacing the damaged fuse with a new one can fix the issue.

  • A Boiler That Is Making Odd Noises: An inadequate water supply can occasionally cause hissing sounds to the feed and expansion tank. Examine the system to check for obstacles, such as a sludge buildup. A valve or a frozen water supply pipe may potentially be malfunctioning. Call our heating installation expert in Los Angeles to fix this issue.

  • Leakages: A pretty typical central heating issue that can be annoying is leaking pipes. You can probably manually tighten a loose pipe junction, hopefully solving the issue. Take caution not to harm the joint or the pipe. The best method is to tighten a quarter turn at a time. You might need to apply sealant if tightening the joint doesn’t work.

  • Older Boiler: The average boiler has a useful life of 10 to 15 years. Your boiler can endure a long period with regular maintenance. However, as a boiler ages, it loses efficiency and is more prone to problems. In some cases, replacing your outdated boiler is preferable to keep spending money on repairs. No matter how old your boiler is, you need professional service at least once a year. 

Bottom Line

Even after regular maintenance, if you still face issues with the boiler, you should get in touch with our Precise Air System heating service experts in Los Angeles. Our expert team can help you resolve various problems regarding the central heating system. Call (877)-724-7776 to schedule an appointment with our repair experts.

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