Keep Your Air-Conditioning Working Well With These 5 Maintenance Tips


Keep Your Air-Conditioning Working Well With These 5 Maintenance Tips

The Department of Energy reports that cooling and heating bills often make up more than half of a household’s utility expenses. This means that using your air-conditioning unit could be one of the largest energy expenses in your budget.

With warm weather comes rising cooling costs, so it makes sense to find ways to reduce energy use and money paid to energy companies.

These 5 air-conditioning maintenance tips will help you keep your cooling bill down and, as a bonus, extend the life of your AC unit. All of these suggestions are completely free too, helping you to keep your money in the bank.

1. Clean Around Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Your air-conditioning will work most efficiently when it’s clear of debris and kept clean. It doesn’t take much time or effort to clean your outdoor condenser unit, but sometimes leaving it to the HVAC pros makes sense. The goal is to remove dirt, foliage, and any buildup so that air flows freely through the condenser and optimizes performance.

2. Vacuum Indoor AC Vents and Keep Them Unblocked

Vacuum away any dust and debris from your indoor AC supply vents to maintain steady airflow from the system and your vents. Also, keep furniture, blinds and other household items away from air-conditioning vents to maximize airflow.

3. Bump Up Your Thermostat

Your air-conditioning unit is going to be working hard to cool your house, so give it a little break and increase the thermostat 5 to 8 degrees. You’ll save money and years on your unit, and possibly not notice too much of a shift in comfort level. Use a programmable thermostat to control temperature while you’re away from home or sleeping. You don’t want your AC to work any more than it needs to.

4. Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Pulling the shades down or curtains closed will help keep heat out of your house during the day. When direct sun hits your windows, it warms up the temperature inside of the house fast. You’ll notice a huge difference in your home’s indoor temperature if blinds and curtains are closed before the sun first enters your windows for the day.

5. Insulate Exposed Ductwork

If you properly seal the ductwork that runs through your spaces that are not air-conditioned, you’ll avoid losing any of your cool air. Modest visible leaks can be easily fixed with duct tape. You may need a professional to help you take care of large defects. Your ductwork should also be properly insulated with the correct thickness of the insulating material.

You spend quite a bit of money on your home’s comfort. With just a few tweaks or a bit of attention to simple things, you can enjoy more comfort in the future with lower bills and a long-lasting air-conditioning system.

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