Dos and Don’t Of Wintertime HVAC Maintenance

Dos Donts Of Wintertime HVAC Maintenance scaled

Dos and Don’t Of Wintertime HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system works especially hard when the weather outside is frightful, making a little TLC extra important. Keep your system working at an optimal level throughout the coldest months of the year with a few essential dos and don’t. These tips will prevent energy bills that make your wallet weep, as well as premature system failures and replacements. Read on, and save your system.

Do: Clean The Filters

Clean your air filters regularly to avoid airflow restrictions that cause the system to work extra hard…and increase your energy bills. Check and clean the filter every month and replace it as necessary. Filter longevity is based mainly on thickness, so refer to your manufacturer’s instructions if you have questions about the cleaning/replacement schedule.

Don’t: Forget About Your Thermostat

Get in the habit of checking your thermostat before you leave for the day and go to bed. Keeping your thermostat up when no one is home or everyone is sleeping is a waste of energy that also contributes to dirty filters and premature system wear. If remembering to look at the thermostat is an issue, leave notes or consider a programmable thermostat installation.

Do: Keep Flammable Items Away From The System

Ensure everything that could possibly catch fire is nowhere near your HVAC system. This includes all paper products, fabrics and clothing, and holiday decorations. Maintain a distance of at least five feet around the entire system, and keep flammable objects away from your radiators for the same reasons.

Don’t: Skip Register & Vent Cleaning

Walk around your home with a dust rag and non-toxic cleaning solution to clean every vent and register. These things get coated with dust and other debris easily, again restricting airflow and increasing your utility bills. Clean vents promote healthy indoor air to reduce allergy symptoms among your family members.

Make certain the registers are not blocked by area rugs as well.

Do: Schedule A Professional Inspection Every Year

Have your local HVAC maintenance company inspect your system every year before winter sets in. Annual inspections check the system for potential and actual problems to make repairs before they become severe and costly. Routine inspections keep any issues from worsening to prolong the life of this important system and subsequently save money over time.

Schedule HVAC services with Precise Air Systems to keep your heating and cooling components in excellent condition this winter and beyond.

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