Maintenance Services Required for your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner maintenance is essential to maintain your unit’s effectiveness and reliability for many years to come. Neglecting basic AC maintenance in Los Angeles can make the air conditioning performance deteriorate while energy consumption rises.

Are You Unsure What Type of AC Maintenance is Required? This is what You Should Do –

1. Cleaning and checkup of the air conditioning system

Check for water dripping in the air conditioning system as the first step in air conditioning service. An air conditioning service specialist will inspect the machine for leaks from tubes or pipes. He will also drain, clean, and remove dirt and debris from the AC unit to improve its performance.

2. Cleaning of fans and air filters

When an air conditioner runs, it collects a lot of dust and dirt. During an air conditioning repair service visit, all debris and dust are removed and cleaned to avoid ice formation in the air conditioner or the air conditioner not cooling. To remove any dust or mold, the fin should be cleaned and rinsed.

3. Cleaning the condenser fan and the AC evaporate

During the air conditioning repair procedure, mold and dust are removed from the AC condenser and evaporator fan. Both types of air conditioners have fans in different places. It is found in the external/outdoor unit of a split air conditioner.

4. Cleaning the condenser coil and AC evaporate

Your air conditioner will overheat as a result of dust and debris. The condenser and evaporator coil are cleaned during an air conditioning service. Other important components of the air conditioners are also cleaned to prevent future damage.

5. Overall inspection

After all of the other services are completed during an air conditioning service, an overall inspection is performed. The fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat, and other major components are all inspected for defects.

6. Hiring a Professional

Hire a professional service expert if your air conditioner requires more than routine AC maintenance in Los Angeles. A skilled technician will diagnose and repair your air conditioning system.

The technician should do the following –

  • Ensure the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Check for coolant leaks with a leak detector.
  • Capture any refrigerant that is taken from the system instead of being illegally released.
  • Search and seal duct leaks in central systems.
  • The evaporator coil should measure the airflow.
  • Make sure that the electrical sequence is correct and the heating and cooling systems do not operate simultaneously.
  • Review, clean, and close connections and, if need be, apply a non-conductor coating.
  • Engines should be lubricated, and belts tightness and wear should be monitored.
  • Verify the exactness of the thermostat.

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