Your AC Works But It Keeps Tripping the Breaker

On a hot summer day, the last thing you need is an air conditioner that keeps turning off and a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. Knowing what your AC circuit breaker does is the most important thing you can do to protect your equipment from overheating. If your AC circuit breaker keeps tripping, you shouldn’t ignore the problem.

Many things could be causing this, and each one needs a different answer. You might wonder what’s going on and if there’s a simple way to fix it. If your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, it might be time to call for AC service in Los Angeles.

Some Common Causes Of Tripping Circuit Breakers

The breaker can trip by a major failure, a problem with an air conditioner, or a problem with any other major component. Here are the main reasons for this problem:

  • Loose Electrical Connections: The circuit breaker can keep tripping if the wiring is loose or there are other electrical problems inside the unit. It could be because of a loose connection, a broken capacitor, or a short in the wiring. These problems are easy for an HVAC replacement in Los Angeles to fix.

  • Condenser Coil: Unclean AC coils may be triggering your circuit breaker. If your outdoor unit isn’t covered, dirt, leaves, and debris can gather on the coils. Condenser coils release heat outside. Dirty filters can’t work efficiently, causing your unit to demand more power. Your AC overheats and trips the breaker.

  • Clogged Filters: Air conditioner filters remove indoor contaminants. When not cleaned, they clog and impede airflow. Your system takes longer to attain the desired temperature and comfort level. Under stress, your unit overheats and trips the circuit breaker.

  • Refrigerant Leakage: Refrigerants are included in AC units. It absorbs heat from the surroundings and cools them with your compressor and evaporator. An older AC unit or one with severe wear and tear might develop corrosion around the refrigerant coils, causing fractures, holes, and refrigerant leakage.

  • Grounded Compressor: Windings inside a compressor break down and hit the side of the compressor, resulting in a direct short. Compressor burnouts and circuit breaker trips can result from this abrupt rise in power. There is little you can do if the circuit breaker begins to trip, so you’d better avoid it.

  • Evaporator Coil: If your HVAC isn’t putting out much air and then your air conditioner starts tripping the circuit after a few days, it could be because the evaporator coils are frozen. When warm air from your house can’t get through the filters to the evaporator coils, the coils get so cold that any moisture on them freezes.

Call In An Expert Immediately

Several factors are at play when your air conditioner trips the breaker and does it again after you reset it. You may be unable to discover the root cause with the help of HVAC replacement in Los Angeles. Before attempting something new that you aren’t familiar with or aren’t sure about, contact Precise Air at (877) 724-7776.

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