What Should An HVAC Service Include?

Proper maintenance and HVAC service in Glendale is the most efficient method for extending the lifespan of your system and improving efficiency. You can safeguard the system against a breakdown or even a temporary interruption in service by undergoing regular maintenance. This will reduce the frequency of visits to the technician, saving you money.

A Typical HVAC Service Includes The Following Things:

  • Cleaning The Dirt And Debris Surrounding The System: It is easy for debris to gather in the vicinity of an outdoor HVAC unit. Before you know it, various waste will be amassed around your HVAC unit. Regularly inspect the external unit and ensure a minimum two-foot clearance around air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, and air-quality heat pumps. This involves removing debris, leaves, twigs, dirt, and pollen from the area surrounding and on top of the unit. When cutting the grass in the summer, be sure that the grass clippings from the lawnmower do not get on the air conditioner.

  • Inspection Of The Thermostat: The primary objective of a thermostat calibration is to determine whether or not the temperature displayed on your thermostat is accurate. During readings, it is vital to the system’s operation to turn equipment on and off at regular intervals. If your thermostat is adjusted correctly, you can save money on unplanned repairs, high bills, and Air Conditioning service in Glendale.

  • Conduct A Condensate Drain Line Inspection: Clearing out the condensate line of your air conditioner will ensure that it can drain liquid condensate properly. If your drain line becomes clogged, water leaks, and other problems related to moisture and dampness may follow. Cleaning your condensate drain eliminates any mold and bacteria that may have developed around your drain line. Your specialist will inspect your condensate drain pipe for cracks and will be in your home.

  • Take A Look At Your Ventilation System: During HVAC service in Glendale, the technicians will inspect the air ducts for tears and leaks. When air escapes from the ducts, the AC loses the power to regulate the temperature of the air. Instead of helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature within your home, this air is fleeing into the surrounding environment which provides no benefit to anyone.

  • Checking Refrigerant Levels: A closed-loop system defines the air conditioning system in your home. The system’s refrigerant travels through the pipes, returns to its source, and begins the cycle again. To maintain this life cycle, you must continually be on the watch for any systemic leaks. You are strongly advised not to “top off” your refrigerant levels. However, inadvertent leaks sometimes occur, and if they are not identified and fixed immediately, they could cause a catastrophic component failure.


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