What is The Cost For HVAC Capacitor Replacement?

A capacitor is a device that stores energy and releases it when the system requires it. It begins the instant the air conditioner is turned on. This component loses its potency with frequent use. Because it is such a crucial electric component of an air conditioner, you should always have it repaired by a qualified expert in AC service in Los Angeles. While capacitors are one of the most prevalent causes of air conditioning problems, they are easy and affordable to replace.

What is The Cost of An AC Capacitor?

The price of an AC capacitor is determined by the type of unit required. The least expensive capacitors are run, start, and blower capacitors. Dual-run and heat capacitors may set you back an extra $20 or more.

The cost of an AC capacitor for your home is determined by the unit’s pricing as well as the labor necessary to install it. If you’re doing it yourself, the project’s cost is determined by the tools you already have and the price of the AC capacitor. The breakdown of the cost for a capacitor is as follows –

  • Unit Cost -> $9-$45
  • Labor Cost -> $60-$200
  • Final Cost -> $69-$245

How Much Does it Cost To Have An AC Capacitor Replaced By a Professional?

There’s not much more to be concerned about in terms of expense with skilled repairs. The cost of a professional capacitor replacement might range from $60 to $200, plus the cost of the unit. This includes not only salary but also transportation, equipment, and union dues. If you’re working with a branded unit and want to utilize their parts, expect to pay around $400, but if that’s out of your price range, there are lots of other options that won’t compromise capacitor efficiency.

  • The average cost is $170
  • The cost of a high-end item is $400
  • The low-cost option is $120

What Does it Cost To Replace An AC Capacitor On Our Own?

If you consider yourself handy, you can replace an AC capacitor for around $59 to $95, including the unit’s cost and the tools required for installation. This might save you anywhere from $60 to $200 in labor charges, but taking matters into your own hands necessitates planning and caution.

You should budget roughly $50 in addition to the cost of the air conditioner capacitor if you don’t already have the tools stashed away in the garage. Because you’ll be working with electricity, make sure everything you use is insulated. The basic tools you’ll need for the job are listed below –

  • $15 for an insulated screwdriver
  • $5 for the Nut Driver
  • $10 for a pair of safety glasses
  • $20 for Electricians Safety Gloves
  • $50 in total

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