How Much Should A High-Efficiency Furnace Cost?

When the temperatures start falling, a furnace proves to be the savior. It keeps the air within your house warm. If your furnace has become old and inefficient, it might be time to buy a new furnace. Another reason to buy a furnace might be gross odors or weird sounds coming from it. Before you plan to buy a high-efficiency furnace, it is good to know about the costs of various furnaces available in the market. A furnace contractor in Los Angeles would be approximately charging the below prices for a furnace –

Cost of a High-efficiency furnace: $3,000-$5,000
Installation Costs: $950-$1,150

High-efficiency furnaces have an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating in the range of 90%- 97%. The high rating makes them a preferable choice for several consumers. They use a PVC pipe to vent through the wall. Keeping an old furnace will not only increase your energy bills but also make the heating of your house inefficient. Though there might be some time before your furnace finally breaks down, it is advisable to reach out to a furnace replacement in Glendale to get a new furnace for your house.

Costing Factors To Consider While Buying a High-Efficiency Furnace

Apart from the installation price of the furnace, there are several other cost factors that you should consider before you decide on the high-efficiency furnace you decide to purchase. They are –

  • The efficiency of the furnace

A higher AFUE rating would mean that the furnace utilizes more of the heat generated by it. However, furnaces with an extremely high AFUE rating might cost slightly more than other furnaces. Most furnace contractors in Los Angeles would recommend furnaces with an AFUE rating in the range of 90% to 95%. The repair cost for such high-efficiency furnaces tends to be lower than the furnaces with an AFUE rating of more than 95%.

  • Warranty plans

Most furnace contractors in Los Angeles provide a warranty plan for the items purchased from them. These plans come along with a labor warranty as well. The contractor warranties might be valid for up to ten years if the consumer has been following the proper maintenance guidelines. It is important to get the warranty in writing from the contractors.

  • Furnace Size

While purchasing a furnace, furnace replacement in Glendale will suggest furnaces depending on the construction and the size of your home. Their suggestions might prove to be critical in your purchase as too small a furnace might not heat your house sufficiently. On the other hand, large furnaces can cause problems like short cycling. Thus, the furnace capacity can also have a bearing on the overall cost of the furnace.

  • Energy source

The major sources of energy for a furnace are oil, natural gas, and electricity. You can estimate the prices of each of these sources in your area to get an idea of how much the running cost will be for each type of furnace. You might also want to consider the maintenance cost for each of these furnaces as well.

If you are planning to buy a high-efficiency furnace, it is imperative to contact the best furnace contractor in Los Angeles to get high-quality products. Call up (877)-724-7776 to know more about which furnace you should be buying.

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