How Do You Maintain An Outside AC Unit?

Maintaining your air conditioner will help you avoid costly early replacement by extending its lifespan while saving energy costs. Getting proper suggestions from our experts is the most effective way to start each cooling season.

Your HVAC systems located either indoors or outdoors need a proper maintenance schedule. This write-up would help you get a basic understanding of handling the system and AC service in Glendale.

Here are the tips for maintaining an outside ac unit.

  • Clear the Debris

The first step to begin is disconnecting the power supply. Then remove the fan cage from the condenser or compressor outside. After removing the bolts, lift the cage or fan grill. Clean the interior and remove the dirt using a wet or dry vacuum.

  • Clean the Fins and Align the Space

To clear any accumulated dirt or debris between the fins, spray a mild stream from a garden hose through them from the inside out. Do not use a pressure washer since the force can damage the fins. Instead, use fin cleaning spray. Use a fin-straightening tool to gently straighten if the fins are bent because any loss in airflow through the fins can lower efficiency.

  • Clean the Area Around the Unit

After cleaning is complete, replace the fan cage. To allow proper air circulation around the unit, clear the leaves and trash stuck around the condenser and, if possible, trim branches and plants nearby the unit.

Our AC service experts in Glendale recommend covering the top of the condenser with plywood or plastic during the winter season when the unit is not in use to avoid debris falling on it. Never enclose the sides of the appliance; it may lead to corrosion due to moisture accumulation inside.

  • Level the Unit

As the soil beneath the condenser unit loosens and settles down over time, the pad on which the unit is installed slightly tilts. It’s very important to maintain the level of any HVAC system that matters. Make use of rot-resistant shims to level the condenser after verifying the ground level. Get assistance from our AC repair in Glendale to level your unit.

  • Clean the Evaporator Coil

Pull out the screws and remove the duct tape. Clean the inner surface by dusting the coil with a soft brush and spraying it with a no-rinse coil cleaner. After using the spray, clean the foam which dripped off the drain pan. To avoid algae growth, place a drain tablet in the drain pan.

  • Replace the Blower Filter

At least twice a year, immediately before the start of the heating season and just before the start of the winter season, you should replace the filter of the HVAC system. The filter must be replaced frequently if the region you stay in has a lot of dust.

Final thought

It’s best to not put off performing routine maintenance on your HVAC system. Even though it might not always appear required, preventive maintenance is preferable to fixing a malfunctioning HVAC system.

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