Why Does Your Heating System Need An Annual Tune-Up?

Most homeowners spend a considerable amount of money preserving the quality of their homes. When it comes to the home’s heating system, it is vital to perform regular maintenance or a heating tune-up on your system. If you reside in the Glendale area contact Precise Air System, for  regular maintenance services.

Reasons You Should Carry Out A Regular Heating System Tune-Up

  • Maintains The Safety Of The Residence: Furnaces need fuel to provide the heat that regulates the temperature inside your home. This procedure must be carried out with the utmost precision to maintain your furnace’s top efficiency and safety.
    Even the tiniest furnace malfunction has the potential to release high levels of carbon monoxide or gas into your house. You and your family’s safety is a priority. Book your annual furnace maintenance appointment with Precise Air System, a reputable heating contractor in Los Angeles area.

  • Maintains Compliance With The Manufacturer’s Warranty: As an upgrade option, you can often purchase a 10-year warranty for furnaces of acceptable quality. A well-maintained furnace continues to operate for up to 20 years. If you need to use the warranty, you’ll need to show service records to show that you have properly maintained the vehicle.
    If you have not been performing your standard annual maintenance and documenting it to support it, your warranty may become void.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Costs And Expenses: Some homes experience heating system problems that may be easily avoided with basic maintenance. In addition to cleaning, which is important to maintain your furnace’s efficient performance, a furnace tune-up also identifies small faults before they become costly repairs. Contact Precise Air System for your heating tune-up in Glendale area.

  • Reduce Your Monthly Energy Expenses: The average household spends more than $2,200 per year on energy costs. Heating system tune-ups are a simple and effective way to reduce these costs with minimal added labor. Not only does this create additional strain on your system, but it also decreases the furnace’s efficiency.
    A furnace tune-up can increase the system’s energy efficiency by up to 30%. It reduces the monthly financial strain on your pocketbook.

  • Exposes The Dangerous Electric Wires: Damaged, exposed, or dangling electrical cables can result in several difficulties. Problems might range from heating system malfunctions to dangers to your family’s safety. A faulty wire may cause the heater to overwork itself, failing due to improper electrical usage. There is also a risk of an accident caused by fire.


You should maintain your home’s heating system annually to avoid being forced to pay for costly repairs during the colder months. Prevention costs are often far less than repair expenditures, and this is especially true during the winter and the holidays. The decision to get an annual heating inspection could result in unexpectedly significant expenditures or risks.

Call Precise Air System for completely transparent and honest service. We are the best heating contractors in Los Angeles. When you choose us, you will receive a detailed breakdown of all the labor performed, materials, and supplies used throughout our service.

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