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While complex furnace maintenance should be left to professionals, there are many tasks you can complete to keep your system in excellent condition. In addition to sealing all air leaks around your home, scheduling periodic duct cleaning and inspections, and keeping the area around the unit(s) clear, you must change the air filter regularly. Here, review why routine filter changes are essential to HVAC maintenance and learn how to change yours.

Why Filter Changes Are Important

Without regular furnace filter changes, the part becomes clogged with hair, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other particles that impede airflow. The system subsequently works harder to keep your home comfortable, which increases energy bills. Internal parts also heat up at a faster rate because airflow is limited, causing untimely wear. Rather than increasing your carbon footprint and replacing your system prematurely, save yourself money and hassle by changing the filter regularly.

How often you should change the filter depends on your owner’s manual recommendations and factors such as the number of people and pets in your home. Most filters can be cleaned several times before they need changing to reduce your maintenance costs.

How To Change An Air Filter

Turn off your furnace and identify the service panel as it cools. If you cannot locate the service panel, refer to the diagram in your owner’s manual. Most filters are situated near the intake/outtake blower fan. Carefully remove the oil filter and immediately place it in a trash bag to avoid allowing excess dust and other particles to enter the air. Slide the new filter in and close the service panel before turning the system back on. Note the date of the replacement in a maintenance log to use for future reference.

Other Filter Tips

Ensure you always purchase the correct filter for your system to promote furnace function and efficiency, and to remove dust and pollen from the air. Your system may require a thicker filter or have the capacity to accommodate a thinner filter only. Refer to your manual for product suggestions or talk to your local HVAC contractor for recommendations if you still aren’t sure what to buy. Your contractor can also modify the system for thick filter use.

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