Can you Install an Outside AC Unit in the Rain?

Do you know why local television stations spend so much money on weather radar technology? Then more money to promote their teams of on-air meteorologists? Because the weather is a major reason why people watch the local news. The weather has an impact on everyone’s life, and Air conditioning installation in Los Angeles is no exception. 

The Rain may Delay Installation

Installing an outside air conditioner is a good example. If you schedule your installation for a week from now and the weather forecast predicts rain, you may have to postpone the AC installation plans.

Some of you may be thinking, “But that doesn’t make sense because the air conditioner will get rained on all the time.” Your logic is not incorrect, but you might not know the entire tale”. While installing an air conditioner in the rain is not impossible, it is certainly not ideal. 

Additional Problems Due to Rain

Although rain will not harm an air conditioner, installing an outside AC requires electrical work, and rain and electricity do not mix. If there is lightning nearby, the danger increases. Moisture is also harmful if it enters the refrigerant line. Water and refrigerant can react to form an acid that can harm the system.

Furthermore, an installation necessitates that the technicians work both inside and outside the home. They will make every effort to keep your house clean during the process, but this becomes much more difficult when dealing with rain and mud outside. 

Service Call Delays can also Occur

The same can be said for many service calls. A technician may have to expose components that are normally sealed when servicing your air conditioner. In that case, the rain may cause damage to your outside air conditioner.

If the rain is intermittent or light, it may not be an issue; however, you might reschedule if it rains heavily on the day your maintenance visit is scheduled. 

Weather Reports Might not be the Reliable Source

Of course, even with all of the money invested by TV stations, weather forecasting is not an exact science. This can result in last-minute schedule changes for technicians. Rest assured that you should hire an HVAC contractor if this occurs, and every effort will be made to complete the installation.

HVAC installation takes rain, shine, snow, or sleet, and the work must always be completed. However, there are considerations for both the homeowner and the HVAC installer when it comes to weather and other elemental forces that can affect HVAC equipment. The unit is weatherproof and can withstand rain; however, installing an existing air conditioning system in wet weather is not good. 

It’s reassuring to know that your AC unit will withstand normal weather conditions. However, when faced with a more severe forecast, these simple preventive measures will maintain your Air conditioning maintenance in Los Angeles to work efficiently. 

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