When Should A Heating System Be Replaced?

Heating systems are heavy-duty pieces of equipment designed to last for years. A well-maintained heating system will last anywhere between 10-15 years and provide comfortable and efficient heating. However, in their later years, they begin to show signs of erosion, and despite routine maintenance and repair, breakdowns become frequent, and their efficiency goes down significantly.
Following are a few common signs which make it obvious that your heating system needs to be replaced

1. Old Age

Machines have a shelf life. They promise maximum performance and efficiency only until about a certain time. When a heating system reaches its shelf life, it starts consuming more energy, and you witness more breakdowns. When you notice such changes, you must consider how much you are spending on repairs altogether. If the repair costs anywhere near the price of a new heating system, it would be wise to replace the old one.

2. Reduced Efficiency and Performance

Even the most efficient and advanced heating systems wear out over the years. You may keep them serviced and maintained throughout each season, and it should slow the erosion, but reduced performance and efficiency are inevitable over the years. If your heating systems’ performance keeps degrading despite routine maintenance, you must consider a furnace replacement in Glendale

3. Frequent Repairs and Maintenance

A heating system should receive at least one maintenance service annually. You should give your system thorough maintenance before a long season of use so that there’s no unnecessary pressure and it doesn’t break down in the middle of the season. However, if you find yourself scheduling maintenance and repair for your heating system frequently in a given period, you may have to replace the system.

4. Presence of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide’s presence often goes unnoticed, which is why it is known as the silent killer. Suppose you or your family develops flu-like symptoms such as headaches, eye irritation, breathing issues. In that case, there might be a CO leak from your heating system, indicating failing components. Due to constant expansion and contraction from the heat, many parts or ductworks develop cracks that allow for such leaks. If repair is viable, get it done. But if the problem persists, consider a replacement soon given the safety concern.

5. Loud Noises

Loud or strange noises that become evident every time you switch on your heating system can signify a failing component. Twigs or debris may also produce such sounds. However, if that’s not the case, your technician may advise you of a component replacement which can be very expensive. Get in touch with a top furnace contractor in Los Angeles to determine whether a replacement would be feasible.

6. Short Cycling

Heating systems run in cycles to heat your house efficiently. On average, you may notice about three cycles of 15 minutes each in your heating system. If these numbers vary drastically, your system is overheating, thus causing such short cycles. More often than not, it is a sign that your heating system needs a replacement.

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