Often-Overlooked HVAC Winter Maintenance Tips

Often Overlooked HVAC Winter Maintenance Tips

Depending on where you live, summer can be the season that puts the most strain on your HVAC unit. Regardless, it often seems as if your trusty cooling machine has to battle through the blistering heat, often without a break for weeks at a time. Many homeowners are then thrilled when the weather breaks and they are able to give their HVAC a rest and, soon thereafter, clean it up and shut it down.

However, that quick once over is often doing your unit an injustice. The truth is, many homeowners overlook a handful of necessary and effective measures they can take during the winter to keep their mean machine in tip-top shape. Here is a list of a few overlooked actions you can take during the cold-weather months so there are no surprises at other times of the year:

Clean, Clean, Clean

Many homeowners clean around the outside of their unit after autumn’s leaves make their descent and reach their final destination. If they are smart, they also clean out the inside of the unit, too. However, it is vitally important to keep the area in and around your unit clean and debris-free throughout the winter, whether it experiences a build-up of dry, dusty debris, dead branches or even snow. So make it a point to clean around your unit once or twice a month, even for just a few minutes, to prevent any potential complications in the future.

Insulate Your Attic

This is an often-forgotten step, as it does not apply directly to the heating unit. Still, adding a fresh, thick layer of insulation to your attic can cut your heating costs and the demand on your machine greatly. In addition, insulation works both ways, keeping the warm in and cold out during the winter and vice-versa in the summer. Isn’t that worth the time and effort?

Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

This is imperative, as not only can dirty ducts spread allergens and dust throughout your living space, but they can decrease your heating unit’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent. So contact a professional and have this service done periodically so that you and your family can breathe easier, literally and figuratively.

As you see, these steps are as easy as pie to complete and offer you tremendous peace of mind so you can enjoy the changes of seasons without fear.

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