What Is The Process Of AC Installation?

You should be aware of its process for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles. It will help you to be prepared for a safe and accurate installation. Moreover, you can adjust your schedule according to the total duration and be aware of possible complications that may arise.

AC Installation Step-By-Step Process

The AC installation process is complex as it requires experience and a lot of manual effort. This is the reason why one should choose professional AC installation over DIY methods.

It’s best to leave the AC installation to the experts at Precise Air System and schedule air conditioning maintenance in Los Angeles every year after installation. The AC installation process includes the following;

  • Inspection Before Installation

The first thing our experienced technician would do is inspect the condition of the installation location, existing ductwork, pipelines, drainage, and wiring. It will help choose the right AC model between traditional and ductless air conditioning units.

It is essential to evaluate the condition of ducts, copper lines, wiring, etc., because these parts impact the performance of new AC.

  • Making the Place for an Outdoor Unit

The next task is to remove the old outdoor unit. The expert will remove the refrigerant from the outdoor unit using a recovery machine and tank. It is unlawful and harmful to remove the refrigerant in the open air.

  • Preparation to Mount the Units

Our technician will place the pad for condenser installation. The pad can be concrete or composite. However, composite pads are better than concrete because they reduce AC noise.

  • Preparing Indoor Unit Installation

Next, our technician will remove the indoor unit. The experts will replace the evaporator coils, which can be either cased or uncased. The technician will place the plenum before replacing the uncased coils.

Later, our HVAC specialist will replace the refrigerant line. If the old ductwork is compatible and apt for the new AC, the professional will reuse the existing ductwork.

  • Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Units

Then, our technician will mount the indoor AC unit at a suitable location. Our HVAC expert will join the indoor and outdoor unit with a refrigerant line, ductwork, drain pipes, and power line.

The PVC pipe and condensation drain line are installed during this process. The next process involves the insulation for HVAC protection and safe operation.

  • Air Conditioner Cooling Test

After mounting and connecting the indoor and outdoor AC units, the technician will test the AC performance. Our HVAC technician will set the temperature and run the AC for 15 to 20 minutes to evaluate cooling speed, air quality, and temperature.

After replacing your old AC unit, maintain your new AC with annual air conditioning maintenance in Los Angeles to ensure it runs efficiently for 15-20 years.

Air conditioning installation in Los Angeles

When you need an AC installation, you should choose an experienced, insured, and licensed technician updated with the latest technology. Precise Air System has all these qualities. We provide all residential and commercial HVAC services under budget. Contact us at (818) 873-6581 for a satisfaction guarantee and service warranty on air conditioning installation.

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