Why Is The AC Running But Not Cooling?

The air conditioner is one of the most vital things used at large. In summers, you cannot deal with the day without your AC running. It is a system that is complex. There are multiple parts. Indoor and outdoor units are connected.

Wondering why is your AC running but not blowing any cool air? There are many reasons for this to happen, from a thermostat setting to a refrigerant leak. If the issue is solvable, you can try repairing it. Now you can check for the problem and call for HVAC contractor Los Angeles for AC repair in Glendale.

Things To Look For When AC Is Running But Not Cooling

  • Thermostat Setting

If your AC unit is running but not cooling your room, check the thermostat settings first. Make sure it is set at cool. Check for the temperature; if someone has changed it. Turn on your fan. After all this check, if the AC unit is blowing cool air from registers. If it is still not working, then look for other places.

  • Blocked Condenser Unit

The large condenser unit outdoors consists of a coil. The condenser fan pools the air into the outdoor unit through a condenser coil to absorb the heat of your home. Dirt, debris, and other things can get clogged in the condenser coil. If the AC unit is running and not blowing any cool air, there is a possibility of a blocked condenser coil. You can try to clean the unit. If the problem continues, contact your HVAC for service.

  • Dirty Air Filters

The air conditioner consists of air filters in the air handler unit. The filters catch dirt and airborne particles. The dirt air filter prevents airflow and decreases cooling. The cleaner your filters are more clean and pleasant the airflow is. Due to dirty filters, the unit stops blowing out cool air.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil

The indoor setup of the air conditioner unit has an evaporator coil. It is located either in another cabinet or in the system’s fan cabinet. Warm indoor air passes through the evaporator coil. Heat and humidity are removed from the air. Cooler air is passed out. Sometimes the evaporator coil can get cold and frozen. It is best to call for AC service in Glendale.

  • Refrigerant Leak

The air conditioner unit has a refrigerant. It is a chemical used for the cooling process. It changes the liquid into gaseous form, absorbing heat and humidity and throwing it outside. A refrigerant leak can stop the airflow or simply shut down the system itself. If something like this happens, do call your HVAC contractor for repair.

  • Broken Heat Pump

Sometimes, these heat pumps are outdoor units. They look the same as the AC unit. It functions as the condenser unit and therefore has similar characteristics and issues. They are blocked, dirty, and frozen. There, get it cleaned yourself or call for service.

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