Why You Can’t Afford To Skip Annual HVAC System Checks

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Your HVAC system works hard most months of the year to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. And while there are plenty of DIY methods that help this system avoid extra stress and wear, such as by sealing air leaks and keeping outdoor units clean, scheduling annual maintenance in the fall is still important. It may seem like an extra expense, but it isn’t. Here’s why.

It Identifies Small Problems Before They Become Bigger–MUCH Bigger

Annual HVAC system maintenance can be likened to annual wellness examinations and semi-annual dental checkups because it identifies minor issues before they become serious problems. A faulty part or another issue that may not be a big deal now wears on your system, causing it to work harder. Your energy bills increase because of this extra stress, and that’s in addition to paying for costly repairs in the future. Save your wallet by making annual HVAC maintenance a must.

Your System Gets Cleaned & Lubricated

In addition to inspecting your HVAC system and making small repairs, your contractor cleans the unit and lubricates its many moving parts. This also contributes to system efficiency to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills reasonable. Think of your unit as a vehicle engine–without the proper lubrication, what happens? Increased friction, heat, and wear.

It Prolongs HVAC System Life

Routine maintenance ensures your system runs as long as it should instead of “dying” prematurely from excessive wear and tear. Preventive maintenance avoids mid-winter breakdowns that leave you and your family chilled, as well as untimely replacements that cost serious money you planned to spend on other things.

Your Contractor Provides Free HVAC Maintenance Advice

Most HVAC contractors happily dispense maintenance advice that keeps your system in great condition throughout the season, such as sealing any air leaks around your home, insulating pipes, and cleaning vents. They can also order parts specific to your system so it continues to operate efficiently.

You’ll Learn If It’s Time For A Replacement

Sometimes a routine maintenance check turns into a call for the system’s replacement. If yours is older and subject to seemingly-endless repairs, replacing the unit with a modern, energy-efficient option will save you money over time. It also prevents those mid-season breakdowns that are as uncomfortable as they are costly.

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