5 Signs To Call For Furnace Repair Now

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Your furnace works hard throughout the winter, and like most appliances, provides numerous warning signs when it needs professional attention. If you can’t remember the last time your heating system was serviced or you’re experiencing issues after turning it on for the season, don’t wait to schedule repairs. Review some of the most common signs indicating the need for furnace repair to avoid cold winter days and nights at home.

Odd Odors

Mild odors are normal when you first turn your heating system on due to dust burning off. However, odors that don’t dissipate after a short length of time tell you to turn the furnace off until technicians arrive. It could mean a relatively simple issue such as excessive dust that needs cleaning; however, it can also signal a gas leak or other serious safety issues.

High Energy Bills

While there can be many reasons for a sudden spike in your energy bills this winter, you cannot discount the furnace. A home energy audit will help you determine what the issue is, such as drafts around doors and windows, or insufficient attic insulation. If you’ve exhausted all other energy vampire-related possibilities, your furnace is the likely culprit.

Strange Noises

Furnaces may not be the most silent of appliances; however, those making excessive banging, clanking, grinding, or squealing noises are literally calling for help. There may be a loose or broken belt, an air leak, or loose components among other issues that need servicing before the issue gets worse…and your furnace gets even louder.

A Chilly Home

When you crank your thermostat, you’re supposed to enjoy a toasty home. If you keep turning the thermostat up or still feel cold in your home despite normal temperature settings, the ductwork could be to blame. Air leaks in between ducts compromise residential warmth. If you use a ductless system or know your ducts are sealed, your thermostat could be reading the settings wrong. These and other issues, such as internal furnace problems, need professional care as soon as possible.

Continual Running

Unless you have a variable speed furnace that runs the majority of the time, your furnace may have a faulty limit switch or part that commands the air handler to switch on and off. The wrong thermostat setting, such as an “on” fan setting, can also cause continuous running issues.

Keep your heating system operational this winter with services from Precise Air Systems, and consider a replacement if your furnace is older or experiencing repeated repair issues.

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