How To Get Your Furnace To Function Better?

A machine or any electronic item could lose its efficiency over time, but timely maintenance can prevent constant wear and tear. We at Precise Air Systems Inc. not only provide you with the best equipment but also maintenance and consulting services. Our experts are at your service for furnace repair in Glendale, CA. They can assist you with any new installation or emergency repair; however, at times, you can solve minor problems on your own or take measures to avoid major problems.

Check out some of our tips mentioned below to maintain the furnace by yourself:

  • Keep The Filter Clean
    Keeping the filter clean is a common and efficient practice to help prevent clogging from dust particles and hair. Else the furnace has to put extra effort through a densely packed filter, putting stress on the furnace. Make it a monthly habit to clear any debris.
  • Using a Programmable Thermostat
    A programmable thermostat is efficient and automates the entire process. You can set up a schedule for a simple 5-day or 2-day programmable thermostat on weekdays or weekends, whenever you are comfortable. This way, you won’t always need to remember to adjust the temperature when you are away or sleeping. It comes at an affordable price and is easy to use.
  • Keep Space Around The Furnace
    Most furnaces are in the basement with other belongings. Make sure to clear at least three to the five-foot space around the furnace. A furnace has a burning gas present in it. Therefore it is advised to keep a certain distance between it and the other items. It will help the furnace work more efficiently by providing enough space for air circulation.
  • Properly Working Registers
    Registers help in circulating the air freely, so make sure they aren’t blocked by the furniture or with dust on the cover. Be careful of those decorative registers in the market. They may look great but could restrict around 50% of the airflow in your house.
  • Use More Curtains To Save Energy
    Curtains could help you prevent heat loss at night due to cold outdoors. Opening them during the daytime to let the sunlight in, especially on the south or west-facing windows, are quite helpful. It would also reduce your monthly energy consumption.
  • Tune-Up The Furnace
    One faulty part could reduce the efficiency of your furnace. Not maintaining it could reduce its lifespan or stop suddenly. Make sure to give your furnace regular tune-ups through our experts.
  • Maintaining Good Humidity
    Bring the humidity level to 40% with our humidifier. It will help to transfer the heat better. Furthermore, it will keep you protected from getting dry skin/throat, asthma, and allergy attacks. Humidity is beneficial if you have wood floors and furniture.

You’ll find the best prices with us and all types of heating and cooling systems. Our services include regular maintenance, replacement, repair, and consulting. To know more about heating installation in Glendale or a heating tune-up in Glendale, contact Precise Air Systems Inc today at (818) 873-6581. Our experts shall provide you with the best solutions in less than 24 hours.

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