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4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Having a heater that blows out cold air instead of hot is concerning, especially as winter approaches. Precise Air Systems Inc is one of the best heating contractors in Los Angeles, specializing in HVAC services, inclusive of a furnace replacement in Glendale. Getting in touch with a professional is always advised, but you must be aware of all the basic reasons why your furnace might be blowing out cold air.

Things To Check For Furnace Malfunctions

  • Furnace Thermostat

A common issue that most furnace owners face is their heater not blowing out hot air despite the fan being switched on. You might consider looking at your thermostat settings because the fan keeps blowing even though the heating is off. If your heating system still refuses to cooperate with you, provided you have taken care of all the thermostat specifications, you might want to consider professional advice and expert service.

  • Ignition Issue or Pilot Light

If your heater does not light the fuel, you cannot get your furnace started to warm up the room. There are a few ways to recognize whether the ignition system is causing the trouble or not:

1. Go through your particular furnace model’s pilot light instructions, you might find it on the unit too or the user’s manual. Try re-lighting it; if it goes out even after making necessary adjustments, immediately get in touch with an expert.

2. Being able to re-light the pilot is good, but if you cannot even get that to light up, then the trouble might be in your gas supply. A dirty pilot light is most probably at fault here.

  • Dirty Air Filter

The importance of a clean air filter cannot be stressed enough; every year, people lose their heating systems because they neither clean nor change their air filters. Once in a while, your furnace overheats and blows out cold air. The safety control device’s job is to shut off the burners once it happens, while the fan keeps on running to cool down the furnace protecting it from further damage. Get in touch with the best heating contractors at Precise Air Systems Inc and get proper furnace replacement in Glendale.

  • Inadequate Gas Supply

A furnace needs a constant flow of gas to keep your house warm. Sometimes it will shut down for safety reasons; this happens due to a lack in the gas supply as one safety protocol is to turn this off. Indications of a severed line call for professional help.

Why Choose Precise Air Systems?

Besides providing your furnace with proper maintenance and replacement, you need to trust professionals to fix it. Precise Air Systems Inc has such experience heating contractor Los Angeles to get your job done, fixing all the issues that come along with a faulty furnace lacking maintenance and servicing. We provide other services, too, like indoor air quality, ductless, mechanical engineering, insulation, smart thermostat, and air conditioning. You might want to rely on us because we have been doing this since 1975, good old customer-oriented service for residential, commercial, and construction areas in and around Los Angeles. To book our services, give us a call at 877-724-7776 now!

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