How Long Does HVAC Installation Take?

An HVAC installation requires proper expertise and equipment. An AC installation might require four to eight hours on average, and a furnace installation needs approximately four to ten hours. Installation of an HVAC system sometimes can also require a day or three. However, there is no specific time frame as various factors influence the installation time.

Factors Determining The Time of HVAC Installation

Various factors determine the time needed for an HVAC installation. These factors are:

  • Size of the home
    One of the most determining elements in deciding how long HVAC installation will take is the size of your property. A larger area takes more time. Larger rooms are more difficult to heat and cool, requiring larger equipment to accomplish the task. A large house may need a larger installation if the work entails replacing all essential components of your HVAC system.

Big spaces sometimes need either larger HVAC systems or more HVAC units. However, if you merely replace the old unit with a new one and leave the other equipment as they are, installing the HVAC unit will take the same amount of time as it would in any size house.

  • Type of installation
    Simple system change outA simple system change out merely needs the replacement of an old HVAC unit with a new one without any replacement in the other necessary equipment, like ductwork and wiring. This type of installation requires a short amount of time.

Full HVAC system installation
A full system HVAC installation needs complete replacement of the HVAC system, like ductwork replacement or thermostat rewiring, which takes quite a long time. Usually, this type of installation takes around three or five days.

  • Type of unit
    The type of HVAC unit you install largely determines the time needed for the installation. For example, a central AC unit requires more time than a mini-split AC.
  • Replacing or installing
    Installing a brand new unit takes more time than replacing a unit. New unit installation usually requires installing all the necessary equipment along with the unit. However, replacing a unit mostly requires just removing the old unit and installing a new HVAC unit in its place.
  • Location of the unit
    The size of your home will frequently influence the length of your AC installation. However, it is not necessarily the most significant consideration. The arrangement of a home might be more important at times. This occurs when the architecture of a property hinders professionals from quickly reaching important regions during the installation of a new air conditioner.

For example, if your unit is difficult to access, hidden away, or high up (such as on a rooftop), the installation may be more difficult and require more time and money to accomplish. If you reside in a condo or other structure with a high roof, expect to add a little more time to the period. Many times, an HVAC firm will have extra personnel on hand for larger installations like this, so time is not usually an issue, but you should prepare for more time just in case.

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