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5 Signs Indicating Your Air Conditioner Is Low On Refrigerant

The last thing you want during the heat of summer is an air conditioner that isn’t cooling your home. If your unit or system hasn’t been keeping your home as comfortable as it should, low refrigerant, or Freon, could be the reason. The colorless gas turns to liquid as it flows through your air conditioner’s coils, which allows it to cool outside heat and push the resulting cold air into your home. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of lowered Freon levels so you can schedule timely repairs with your local HVAC contractor. Remember, refrigerant always requires professional handling to prevent injuries and accidents. 

Iced Refrigerant Line

One of the many things that can happen when your air conditioner is low on Freon is refrigerant line icing. Low pressure combined with low temperatures causes this freezing process, resulting in a frigid evaporator coil. Because this symptom can indicate other issues with your ac system, look for other low refrigerant signs before calling your HVAC contractors. 

Hissing Sound

Efficient air conditioners are relatively quiet, meaning they don’t hiss or make other unusual noises. A hissing sound emanating from your ac system indicates a major leak in the refrigerant line and the need to contact your local contractors immediately. Again, do not handle Freon! 

Higher Energy Bills

While energy bills naturally rise in the summer when you have the air conditioner on, serious spikes in utility bills mean something is amiss. Low Freon levels cause this appliance to work considerably harder to keep your home cool, resulting in monthly bills that make your wallet weep. In addition to getting the refrigerant level topped off, look for other ways to keep your bills reasonable, such as using ceiling fans and ensure your home is free of air leaks. 

Warm Air

If your air conditioner blows warm instead of perfectly-cool air, it could have a number of problems including low Freon that cannot sufficiently cool the air before pushing it into your home. Since hot air can also indicate a broken compressor or extremely dirty unit among other issues, schedule an HVAC appointment immediately. 

Low Wait Times

When an air conditioner is working efficiently, it doesn’t take long to cool your home. If the system has been on for a while and your home still isn’t comfortable, it’s likely lacking Freon and needs professional servicing. 

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5 Tips For An Efficient Air Conditioner This Summer

As you get ready to crank your air conditioner this summer, ensure the system is working as efficiently as possible. There are many maintenance tricks that keep this important appliance operating in a way that won’t make you weep when you get your monthly utility bills. Keep your energy costs and your carbon footprint low this summer with these helpful practices:

Take Advantage Of Ceiling Fans

Turn on every ceiling fan in your home to help your ac unit work a little less. Ceiling fans don’t cost much to operate and keep the air throughout your home circulating so your air conditioning system does not have to use lots of energy to maintain a comfortable residence. Floor fans help as well. Depending on where you live, you may be able to use the fans only at night and give the system a rest.

Clean The Air Filter Regularly

Check and clean your system’s air filter about once a month and replace it as per your manufacturer’s guidelines. Air filters clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris seriously impede airflow to slow down air circulation and make your unit work extra hard. If you are not sure if the filter is dirty, hold it up to the light. Dirty filters do not let any light stream through.

Ensure Your Home Is Well-Sealed

Perform an air leak audit around your home, as any gaps, cracks, crevices, and holes allow cool air to escape into the summer heat. Use weather-stripping materials, caulk, and insulation as necessary to seal your home against air leaks. Not only will you enjoy a more efficient, comfortable residence year-round, you will also help prevent insects and vermin from becoming unwelcome guests.

Keep The Area Around The Unit Clean

Ensure the area around your outdoor unit is clear of leaves, brush, and other debris that can make it run hotter and increase your energy bills. Trim tree branches as well to create at least five feet of air space, and make certain there are not any shrubs encroaching on the unit. If the system is under direct sun, consider installing some type of canopy or awning over it to protect it from extreme heat and efficiency issues.

Ventilate Your Attic

Ventilate your attic if you haven’t already to lower your home’s internal temperature and give your air conditioner a break. Well-ventilated attics also prevent ice dams in the winter because hot air escapes your home instead of melting roof snow.

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