Why Switch to a Solar PV System?

Precise Air Systems offer AC heating repair in Glendale and commercial AC installation in Glendale. We also provide complete commercial solar photovoltaic electric (solar PV) systems that are ideal for Southern California businesses. Are you aware that there are many advantages to going with solar electric?

The commercial solar systems offered at Precise Air Systems will reduce your monthly electric bill. And we make it easy for you to deal with rebates and required permits and inspections. The entire process, with our help, is virtually hassle-free.

The following are just a few of the reasons to invest in a Solar PV System:
• The return on your investment is excellent, at 10 to 25%
• Solar power is 100% non-polluting and the cleanest energy available
• You’ll be helping to preserve the Earth’s fossil fuel resources
• The maintenance needed on Solar PV Systems is minimal
• Solar power is a renewable resource, which means you aren’t depleting the supply of any of the Earth’s resources when you use it
• You’ll have freedom from electric bills because you’ll own your own power
• Your structure will have an increased appraisal value without a hike in your property taxes
• Since the source of power is the sun, you won’t have any related monthly expenses to access power, once you’ve had your solar system installed
• Solar cells have such great longevity, they can last a lifetime

If you need AC heating repair in Glendale or commercial AC installation in Glendale, it’s smart to contact Precise Air Systems. And switching to solar energy with Precise Air Systems is possibly even smarter.

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