Gone are the days when you needed to walk to your heating or cooling system in order to adjust the temperature. Even RF-based remote controllers are obsolete. It is now time to step into the era of intelligent controls. Touchpads, thermostats that learn about your preferences and controls than can be operated remotely (from another room, or even via the Internet) are what you should be using now.

Furthermore, intelligent controls are not only about comfort. They can help you save a lot of energy and, ultimately, money on your monthly bills. By being able to control and program them remotely, your cooling and heating systems don’t need to be running when you’re not at home anymore.

Precise Air System sells a wide range of controls from the best brands currently on the market. If you feel like you could use a comfort and functionality upgrade, it’s high time you picked up the phone and let us help you make the best decision. Our specialists can help you choose the best control for any heating or cooling system, as well as install it for you as fast as possible. We can also help you repair any control system already installed and advise you on compatibility between controls and HVAC systems.

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