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25c Federal Tax Credit for HVAC Equipment


On January 3, 2013, the Federal government renewed the Residential Energy Section 25c Tax Credit.  The tax credit was retroacted to January 1, 2012 and will be effective through December 31, 2013.

  • New effective dates: January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013
  • Maximum amount eligible for claim: Any qualified equipment installed in 2012 or 2013 is eligible for  this credit.  The cumulative maximum amount of tax credit that can be claimed by a taxpayer for all years  combined is $500.
  • Homeowner eligibility: Since the credits have lifetime caps, homeowners who have claimed $500 or more in Section 25c tax credits since 2005 are ineligible for additional Section 25c credits.  Plus, as before, installation must be on homeowner’s primary home.  *HOMEOWNERS: Please note that tax forms for claiming credits on their 2012 taxes will not be available until mid-February 2013.
  • Efficiency ratings:  Section 25c increases the qualifying standards for oil furnaces and natural gas, oil or  propane hot water boilers to 95% AFUE.  The qualifying standards for natural gas and propane furnaces  remain at 95% AFUE.  Central air conditioners and heat pumps must achieve highest efficiency tier  established by the consortium for Energy Efficiency.
Tax Credit Eligible Equipment
Efficiency Requirement
$300 Central A/C (Split-System) 16 SEER & 13 EER
$300 Central A/C (Packaged System) 14 SEER & 12 EER
$300 Heat Pump (Split-System) 15 SEER; 12.5 EER; 8.5 HSPF
$300 Heat Pump (Packaged System) 14 SEER; 12 EER; 8.0 HSPF
$150 Boiler (Natural Gas/Oil/Propane) 95% AFUE
$150 Furnace (Natural Gas/Oil/Propane) 95% AFUE
$300 Water Heater (Electric heat pump) Energy factor of at least 2.0
$300 Water Heater (Natural Gas/Oil/Propane) Energy factor of at least 0.82 or thermal efficiency of at least 90%
$50 Advanced Main Circulating Fan Must use less than 2% of the furnace’s total energy

Section 25c also includes provisions for building envelope improvements, including insulation materials and systems, exterior doors and windows, and pigmented metal or asphalt roofs.  Read more from

What about solar and geothermal?  The tax credits for qualifying solar and geothermal products remain at the previous 30% levels through December 31, 2016, and have no cap.  Products included in this segment can be installed in new or existing homes, and include items on the following list.  For more details about solar and geothermal incentives, visit

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Small Wind Energy Systems
  • Fuel Cells

Precise Air Systems has a wide range of products that qualify under the new Section 25c guidelines.  Visit your local store today for assistance!

Why the Cooling System Isn’t Cooling

When temperatures begin to climb, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to malfunction. If your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air, contact a commercial AC contractor in Burbank from Precise Air Systems. There are several reasons why commercial air conditioning in Glendale doesn’t cool as it should.

A refrigerant leak is one of the problems that frequently affect AC performance, especially in the summertime. A leak in the cooling system is not something to be ignored. In other words, adding coolant, which is a temporary solution, isn’t the best option.

Repairing a copper line or replacing a coil may be required to stop the leak. Your overall cost will be reduced by getting the leak repaired by a commercial AC contractor in Burbank from Precise Air Systems.

One thing to keep in mind when you’ve had a leak is that you’ll want to flush out the system at some point.

A clogged air filter is another common problem that hinders the effectiveness of an air conditioning system. It’s possible that a new filter can become clogged as early as three months after installation. What affects the durability of the filters is the air quality. If there are pets, a lot of plants, or a home that’s frequently dusty, the filters get clogged faster.

If the filters for commercial air conditioning in Glendale require changing more frequently than every 5 months on a consistent basis, the use of air purifiers should probably be considered.

When weather conditions are hot, air conditioners are run a lot harder to keep a building cool, sometimes running continually throughout the day. As a result, mechanical issues can occur. The fan in the outdoor unit can go bad.

The compressor is, in essence, the primary component of the AC system. If the compressor goes out, the refrigerant won’t go anywhere. A new compressor may be required, which is costly.

Stay Cooler in Summer

Precise Air Systems can help with all of your needs for home air conditioning in Glendale, including air conditioning repair in Glendale. With the economy in a continued state of recession, it helps to save on energy costs. Precise Air Systems offers tips for staying cooler in the summertime.

If your costs for home air conditioning in Glendale have been almost too much to handle, you may need to take some drastic measures in order to reduce utility costs. Check the insulation in your attic. It’s not difficult to add on another layer, since the attic is so accessible.

If a lot of the problem with insulation in your home is with the windows, consider investing in windows with a new technology called exotic infills. This is a technology that helps cut down energy costs. The space between the windows panes is filled with argon instead of air. Argon is an inert gas that’s harmless, even if the window should break.

Don’t hesitate to contact Precise Air Systems if you need air conditioning repair in Glendale. An AC system can’t work as efficiently if it’s not properly maintained.

Ceiling fans can work well with your home air conditioning in Glendale to keep your home cool when it’s unpleasantly warm outside. Even a paddle-wheel fan turning at a slow speed can make a difference of 4° F.

Keep the windows and doors tightly shut during the daytime to keep out the heat and humidity as much as possible. Use heavy curtains or blinds over all of the windows that face direct sunlight.

Central AC Maintenance

Precise Air Systems Inc. specializes in providing professional commercial AC installation in Burbank. It’s important that you go to the experts for installation of commercial air conditioning in Burbank because it could mean all the difference when you get your utility bill.

There are steps you can take to properly maintain your AC after you’ve trusted your commercial AC installation in Burbank to the pros at Precise Air Systems Inc.

The number one thing that you can do to properly maintain your central AC is to clean it on a regular basis. When you keep you air conditioning system clean, the results include:
• Lower energy bills
• Increased cooling efficiency
• Longer appliance life
• Lower repair costs

There are additional steps that you can take to ensure the efficiency of your central AC system and to decrease energy costs. They include:
• When the AC is running, keep windows and doors closed
• Weather-strip and caulk doors and windows to be sure that all air gaps are sealed
• Close shades and drapes over windows that face the sun
• If your system has replaceable filters, replace them every one to two months
• Use maximum efficiency filters

A central AC system that has an electrical power source has three elements: the outdoor section or condensing unit; the indoor section; and ductwork which transfers the cooled air throughout the building. The experts at Precise Air Systems Inc. know how to help you get the most out of you commercial air conditioning in Burbank.

It’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s routine maintenance schedule. Get the entire system checked annually by a qualified service technician at Precise Air Systems Inc.

Simple Energy Saving Tips

Precise Air Systems provides commercial AC installation in Burbank as well as commercial AC maintenance in Burbank. We take every step possible to help ensure that you’re saving money with your system. There are many ways to conserve energy, including the following tips.

Every little bit of energy usage adds up. Turn off ceiling fans as well as lights when you leave a room.

Replace or clean the A/C filter regularly. Doing this will allow your unit to run more efficiently, and it will lower your cooling costs at the same time.

Using your dishwasher helps to conserve energy, but you should always wait until the dishwasher is full before you turn it on. You can save a significant amount of money annually on your electric bill if you skip the pre-rinse cycle. Although this last step requires that you wipe the dishes off before loading them.

Closing the curtains and/or the shades on your windows really does help save on energy costs. You’ll keep more of the heat out in the summer and more of the cold out in the winter by simply covering your windows.

If you’re going on an extended trip or a family vacation, turn off the water heater along with all other unnecessary appliances that typically use wattage. And you can save money year around on your water heater by turning the temperature down. You know you can turn your water heater temperature down and still enjoy hot showers if the water currently gets scalding hot.

During the hottest days of summer, avoid using your oven. Instead, cook outdoors more on your grill or use the microwave.

Why Switch to a Solar PV System?

Precise Air Systems offer AC heating repair in Glendale and commercial AC installation in Glendale. We also provide complete commercial solar photovoltaic electric (solar PV) systems that are ideal for Southern California businesses. Are you aware that there are many advantages to going with solar electric?

The commercial solar systems offered at Precise Air Systems will reduce your monthly electric bill. And we make it easy for you to deal with rebates and required permits and inspections. The entire process, with our help, is virtually hassle-free.

The following are just a few of the reasons to invest in a Solar PV System:
• The return on your investment is excellent, at 10 to 25%
• Solar power is 100% non-polluting and the cleanest energy available
• You’ll be helping to preserve the Earth’s fossil fuel resources
• The maintenance needed on Solar PV Systems is minimal
• Solar power is a renewable resource, which means you aren’t depleting the supply of any of the Earth’s resources when you use it
• You’ll have freedom from electric bills because you’ll own your own power
• Your structure will have an increased appraisal value without a hike in your property taxes
• Since the source of power is the sun, you won’t have any related monthly expenses to access power, once you’ve had your solar system installed
• Solar cells have such great longevity, they can last a lifetime

If you need AC heating repair in Glendale or commercial AC installation in Glendale, it’s smart to contact Precise Air Systems. And switching to solar energy with Precise Air Systems is possibly even smarter.

8 Reasons to replace your old HVAC equipment

The 8 Best Reasons to Replace HVAC Equipment That is Old

At Precise Air , our customers are face a number of challenges related to the operations of their buildings. They need to not only keep tenants and their employees happy but also worry about reduced maintenance and capital costs. Often, reduced budgets means older HVAC equipment that should be replaced isn’t, and then maintenance programs that at one time were vigorous are now being cut back. This can be very harmful to the long term condition of heating and air conditioning equipment in a building, and has an enormous impact on power consumption and energy ratings of the equipment, resulting in higher utility bills and wasted energy.

Building operators,owners and maintenance staff need to understand the relation between old, inefficient equipment and wasted energy (money).

Building owners, property managers and maintenance staff can save money and energy by upgrading inefficient HVAC equipment with new, energy efficient equipment. Here are some reasons this makes a lot of sense:

1. Newer, higher efficiency equipment costs less to operate, which makes this a great investment;

2. Newer equipment saves money and results in less service calls and comfort complaints;

3. There are rebates and incentives available to reduce the cost of the equipment. We will take care of all the paperwork and make the process pain free for the customer.

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