lennoxHow would you like to be in complete control of the quality of the air inside your house? With an Aprilaire product, you can get as close to total control as possible. Aprilaire whole-home air purifiers let you stay in charge of your home’s air quality by addressing common air problems with an effective solution that works with your home’s cooling or heating system.

Aprilaire air purifiers have been known to resolve consumers’ most troubling air-quality issues. With Aprilaire products, you keep the upper hand on pathogens that might be trying to enter your home and get to your family, or those that are created in your home and trying to linger.

It’s important to have pure air inside of our living spaces, and keeping air pollution from outside out of the house is essential. Yet, it can be a challenge. Aprilaire products help you filter harmful toxins and pathogens out of outside air so they’re not blown inside. And they take irritating, and sometimes dangerous, substances created inside by pets or synthetic furniture and filter them away from you. Take a look at the ways that Precise Air can help you achieve maximum indoor air quality with Aprilaire air filtration systems.